Companies I am looking forward to work for in the future

Companies I am looking forward to work for in the future

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·Sep 24, 2021·

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Everyone has a dream to pursue in life, some of them are usually what one will work for in the future. Some want to open their startups, some want to get into the big companies, some want to work on personal projects, and some want to do freelancing. I have got something to share today so be sure to read it till the end of this post.

Now I don't have just one company in mind as a future goal, I have quite a few -


I found out about Vercel a few months back and it is an awesome platform for hosting your sites. Vercel is also the company behind the popular React framework, NextJS. I have used NextJS and Vercel in my projects and they are painless and great. Vercel's free tier is mind-blowing. Many of us are afraid that we would need to pay a ton of money for web hosting if we are to make a site but Vercel just solves that issue. NextJS has been a great framework that I have used for one of my project for the Auth0 Hackaton which was hosted by Hashnode last month. Vercel has got great documentation which makes understanding the platform and using it easy. The same goes for the NextJS Documentation. As a technical writer, I will give users more examples and an accompanying article explaining what everything does as understanding code often gets overwhelming for beginners.


In last month's Auth0 Hackaton was hosted by Hashnode I used Auth0 for my project and I learned a lot about it and also I have got a lot to talk about it. I was using NextJS for my project and at first, I had quite a difficult time finding the quickstart guide for NextJS. I had to just search for NextJS but seeing this it wasn't evident that they had quickstart guides for other frameworks -


The documentation also seems to be a bit outdated and quite complex. I aim to make things simpler for beginners.


GitHub is a great platform for open-source projects and provides a lot of features, from CI/CD to package hosting to hosting static sites using GitHub pages. I use GitHub for all my projects and so do most people. GitHub has got some nice in-depth documentation but I feel like it needs to get a little less complicated and provide more examples. The GitHub Blog is a great resource for those wanting to know more about the platform.

Those are 3 of the many companies I want to work for in the future but there are more which I plan on covering later. Also, I am just 14 so there is a long time to go.

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