My Journey into Technical Writing

My Journey into Technical Writing

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·Sep 27, 2021·

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Before I started writing

I was interested in tech in general from a very young age and have been expanding my knowledge from watching videos and reading articles for a long time. I used to read articles written across many technical news outlets like GSMArena, XDA Developers, and many more. Programming was something I started learning a few years back but I didn't read as many articles about it. About a year back, I found out and that is when I started reading a lot of articles on programming. As a side note, I have a YouTube channel which I started last year and it has been quite a good experience. I have not uploaded any videos for about 3 months now but I aim to resume sometime in the future.

Starting with technical writing

I never wrote an article on DEV until I found out about Hashnode back in April of this year. Hashnode was a great place to start my blog so I made a publication and wrote my first article. I also cross-posted that article to DEV and I got quite a lot of views on that article. I liked it and then wrote my second article a few days later. Note that I was still making videos on my YouTube channel at this time.

Getting more interested

After writing those two articles, I didn't write any for a few months and that was because I didn't know what to write about and I was still not very confident if I would be able to do good. Things changed with the August Hashnode x Auth0 BootCamp where I made an application and wrote an article as a part of my submission. Suddenly, I got more interested in technical writing and I have written 8 blog posts in the last 3 weeks. Hashnode's 2articles1week challenge has got me into writing consistently and the Technical Writing Bootcamp has taught me a lot about writing.

What's next?

I aim to write more articles about programming and tech from now on. I also plan on reviving my YouTube channel with videos about programming, let me know your thoughts in the comments section. I am also working on a portfolio site right now and will be working on more projects and learning more. Hacktoberfest is just 3 days away and I plan on participating in Hacktoberfest as well.

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