Create an NPX CLI Portfolio under 5 minutes

Create an NPX CLI Portfolio under 5 minutes


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Want something like this? This is the article you are looking for. Let me show you how you can make an NPX CLI Portfolio under 5 minutes

How I made it

I am mainly using React Ink for this project. I have also written a Getting started with React Ink article which you can check out. The goal was to make a portfolio that can be viewed in the terminal. At first, I just did a console log which logged out information about me but once I found out about React Ink, I thought of using that and making it better. The advantage of using React Ink is that it is way more flexible than simple console logs and hence I was able to put custom colors (theoretically you can apply a color to a console log but options are quite limited). Using React also allowed me to make a reusable component and hence the number of fields showing up and the contents are dynamic, based on a data.json file.

How you can make it as well

I have made a template in GitHub (which you can find here) which you can use. You can find a detailed guide here.

Things to keep in mind

  • If someone has already made a package with the same name on NPM, then you need to choose something else
  • NPM version 5.2 is needed at a minimum to use NPX (it can be used as a standalone package though)

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