My first day at the September Hashnode Bootcamp

My first day at the September Hashnode Bootcamp


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There was no Hackathon this month but Hashnode surprised us with a great Bootcamp with some great speakers onboard. The Bootcamp was for the first 1000 people who registered for it and I was one of the lucky ones to be in. If you weren't in, we have been informed that the recording of the Bootcamp will be on YouTube soon.

The First Session

The Bootcamp started today, the 13th of September, 2021, and there was an introductory session where Sam Sycamore and Quincy Larson gave a quick introduction along with some tips. It was a pleasure to hear Quincy's journey on establishing Freecodecamp through learning articles. He also talked about how one of his articles about getting Windows on a USB stick got spontaneously popular even though he didn't expect that. The first session taught me how writing can give you a great deal of presence on the internet and how it helps you to spread information about something and also promote your product.

The Second Session

Edidiong Asikpo was the main speaker for this session. She told us about how one should write a blog post by using a review of a pair of Airpods as an example. She went in-depth into what are the steps of writing an article and how quality is much more important than quantity. She also highlighted the fact that you don't need to be born with the skill of writing to be a great writer, you just need to work hard on improving it. One should also try everything to see what he/she is good at. This has given me great motivation to write. She also suggested some resources from Google on technical writing which I found quite useful.

In short, the first day was awesome and I am looking for the next session, which will be held the day after tomorrow, the 15th of September, 2021. That is for this blog post, see you in the next one!!!

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